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Open Source and Open Collaboration

The Eclipse Cloud DevTools Working Group is a community of members, adopters, developers, and other contributors that collaborate to define, promote and implement Web and Cloud-based development tools and drive the evolution and broad adoption of these tools.

We are a vendor-neutral community made up of Eclipse Foundation members that wish to freely collaborate on new technology development in the Cloud Dev Tools space.

Membership in the working group brings many benefits, including joint marketing initiatives and direct access to a community of skilled and dedicated open source developers.

Even if you are not a member, there are many ways to get involved. Join us!

Communication Channels

Mailing lists

We use mailing lists for all official communications. They are freely accessible but you need an account to be able to subscribe to them.

All Eclipse Cloud DevTools projects also have their own mailing list. You will find them on this page.


For instant messaging, we use Slack and you can join at

Project Channels

Several Eclipse Cloud DevTools projects have their own real-time communication channels.

Social Media

Some ideas to amplify our message.


All Eclipse Cloud DevTools calls and events are managed through a single shared Google calendar.


Virtual Meetups and Events

Community Calls

We hold a call for our community quarterly. The aim of this call is to give projects the opportunity to share updates with the community, discuss upcoming events, and to share and get feedback on ongoing initiatives.

We use a publicly available document to manage the meeting’s agenda. You can add items to it anytime, we just ask you leave your name and a way to follow up about it before the event.

Project Calls

Several Eclipse Cloud DevTools projects hold calls to keep in touch with their communities. Please consider attending if you leverage one of the projects below or are just curious about them.

Cloud Tool Time

Our Cloud Tool Time virtual webinars are managed through our Virtual Eclipse Community Meetup. To propose a topic, whether to present yourself or just to suggest, please fill out this form.

Cloud Chat

We are running an interview series to showcase our projects and technologies and the people who build them. The audience is anyone interested in cloud development tools, in particular developers and potential adopters of the software. To propose a guest, or to request to be a guest, please fill out this form.


Recordings for our events, along with other content, are available on our playlist at the Eclispe Foundation YouTube channel.

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